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Quality-conscious machine factory

Ålsrode Smede- & Maskinfabrik delivers a reliable and precise end product thanks to professional advice and working together with customers. We are a subcontractor to e.g. the food industry, the construction and civil engineering industry, the offshore industry, the wind turbine industry, the energy and transport industry and outdoor industries.


Broad range of expertise

Ålsrode Smede- & Maskinfabrik is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, EN 1090 and ISO 3834-2. Our expertise includes:

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– It must be in perfect order

The year was 1978 and the words came from Leif Basse, who had just taken over the old smithy in Ålsrode. Ever since then, this sentence has been used many times, and it is still a determined philosophy and a significant key to the success of Ålsrode.


Contact us

We're always ready for a chat - whether it is a specific job or if you just would like to know what we offer, don't hesitate to call us at tel. +45 87581800.

Leif Basse


Tlf: +45 20 13 64 80


Brian Basse

CEO / Day-to-day management

Tlf: +45 87 58 18 00


Thor Erik Thygesen


Tlf: +45 40 86 48 55


They'll handle the job, they just do it

"Working with Ålsrode is like having an additional in-house employee. It's a huge relief: Everyone talks to everyone, they're down to earth and know what you talk about. Brian in particular, is a good humoured guy who just has the jobs done perfectly, with a smile on his face. The main thing is this feeling that they think it's fun to help carry out the jobs - and they also feel part of the park. We have a partner who cares about the same things as we do. A promise is a promise - fulfilled every time."

– Jesper Stagegaard, Ree Park