Welding robots

Top quality in every detail and low prices

Welding robots have also made their entry at Ålsrode where we have robots for welding in both black steel and stainless steel which makes us highly competitive. Ålsrode Smede & Maskinfabrik A/S have welding robots to produce series of many repetitive welding patterns. The operators are certified according to ISO 14732.

Uniform products

Welding robots allow us to guarantee uniform production while maintaining a high quality. Price is still important as it is cheaper to produce in series or carry out uniform welding using welding robots given the high level of efficiency. Production speeds up depending, of course, on which items to produce and on the size of them.

Welding robots also improve working environment for our employees as they reduce inconvenient working positions and repetitive work.

Please contact owner Brian Basse, tel. +45 87581800 or bb@aalsrode.dk to hear more about welding robots.

Customer satisfaction and high quality - every time!

"We've had robots for more than five years. The good thing about robots is that quality is always first-class, prices are low and security of supply is absolute. Robots never have an off day."

Brian Basse, CEO / Day-to-day management
Tlf. +45 87 58 18 00
Mail: bb@aalsrode.dk