Certificate welding in TiG, MiG and MaG is not just a core competency of ours, but an entire knowledge area.

We can weld workpieces in basically all metal types and our experienced and certified welders are used to taking responsibility themselves and delivering a top professional and documented result – every time.

We have more than 40 years' experience in TiG and MiG welding. We are also certified in both welding methods and have WPS and WPQR certification in both TiG and MiG welding.

In TiG welding, we hold and feed the wire manually while the machine feeds the wire in MiG welding. Thanks to our welders, we offer welding of almost all metal types. With the proper machines and experience we offer our customers a professional result every time. We have assisted many customers in Germany, Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Do you need our assistance? Then contact Leif Ove Wøhlk, tel. +45 22696887 or low@aalsrode.dk.


Welding coordinator

Our external welding coordinator prepares procedure and specifications for each welding assignment, and we also offer 3rd party control.

We work together with Titan Global Inspection and Nordisk Svejsekontrol.

This is a fascinating professional development

"When I served my apprenticeship as a smith, I never dreamt how complicated "proper welding" is. My views on this and technology have come a long way since then, and it's a fascinating professional development to take an active part in.”

Leif Ove Wøhlk, Project Manager
Tlf. +45 22 69 68 87
Mail: low@aalsrode.dk