Water jet cutting

We are using water for other purposes than coffee and we care for the environment.

We have been on the water jet cutting wagon since 2001 and we now have three different CNC water jet cutting machines in the house. Therefore, we can cut in most materials for you in small as well as large sizes and series.

Water jet cutting is used for materials which cannot be exposed to any heat.

‏High-quality water jet cutting
‏Water jet cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting method which uses water jets under high pressure to cut. This method is used to cut soft, brittle or flammable materials. Today, water jet cutting is used for most materials, such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, bullet-proof glass, ceramics, brass, copper, titanium, granite and plastics.

‏Excellent customer service
‏Water jet cutting is definitely a speciality of ours which is why we can offer our customer the best possible service. The technology is environmentally friendly and offered at very affordable prices as we have the largest machines in one location. This means that we can also guarantee prompt deliveries.

Contact our water jet cutter
‏Our regular customers from Norway and other parts of Scandinavia have a fixed contact person with whom they stay in contact and are ensured personal, high-quality service. If you need products manufactured on our water jet cutter, please contact Claus Carl who has been working with water jet cutting for more than 10 year and thus has extensive experience in the area. Contact tel. +45 22696880 or cc@aalsrode.dk.



  • No heat exposure of the materials' cutting edge, hence no deformation of the material.
  • Minor burring - no or limited finishing.
  • No contamination of the material - it may, for example, proceed directly to welding.

Cutting thickness

  • Up to 200mm stainless steel
  • Up to 200mm aluminium, depending on aluminium quality


At Ålsrode, we offer 3  cutting qualities:

  • Quality 1 (EXTRA FINE)
  • Quality 2 (MEDIUM)
  • Quality 3 (COARSE)

I am still impressed with the results

"I have worked with water jet cutting since 2001 and therefore have a lot of experience. This may seem a bit geeky, but I am still impressed by that many different materials that our machines can cut into and the perfection of the results."

Claus Carl, Team Leader – Cutting Department
Tlf. +45 22 69 68 80
Mail: cc@aalsrode.dk