CNC processing

We have many years' experience in CNC processing and keep up with technological developments.

Our well-equipped machining has a considerable capacity, which means that regardless if we are working with prototypes or larger series, we have the professional knowledge as well as the machinery to handle your assignments rationally within metal cutting. 

The CNC processing centres and CNC lathes are operated by experienced employees who give precision pride of place and who can also help you with very urgent assignments.

To learn more or have a talk with our responsible CNC processing supervisor, please contact Kim Kristensen, tel. +45 22696888 or

Everything in CNC processing

We have all centres in-house at Ålsrode Smede & Maskinfabrik A/S and can serve as full-line suppliers for a wide range of productions. This mean that we can produce finished components as well as semi-finished components. Our centres handle both minor and major turning and milling jobs.

The product will be sharper and more precise

"I've worked with CNC processing since 2000. It's a great area as things develop and new machines are launched all the time. Having programmed the machine, the items produced fit perfectly, which is highly satisfactory."

Kim Kristensen, Team Leader – CNC Department
Tlf. +45 22 69 68 88