Unsolicited application

We're always in need of skilled employees, so you're always welcome to send an unsolicited application.

Certified Welders are preferred.

Send applications to:

You will become a part of our "It must be alright-culture" with the three V's:

Viden [Knowledge]

You will be working with a number of interesting customers, who generally place great technical demands on our solutions. Therefore, we are always focused on knowledge sharing, further training and skill development for all employees.

– You will get further training and skill development that match future requirements.

Værktøj [Tools]

The tools must be in order! And you will soon find out that we do not just keep our existing machinery up to date, but also that we are not afraid of investing in special machines and facilities that make us capable of producing precisely and rationally in-house.

– You will be working with the latest hardware.

Værdier [Values]

You will be part of a sound company with a strong and close-knit community. You will get commitment and professional support from your colleagues, while they also have clear expectations for you and your work. Job satisfaction and good comradeship go hand in hand.

– You will become part of the Ålsrode family and we will take care of you and your career.